Rice, The Heart Of Thai Cuisine: Cooking Tips And Varieties

Thai Food Is Known For Its Strong Tastes, Fragrant Herbs, And Unusual Spices. Rice, A Staple Food That Has A Special Place In Thai Culture, Is At The Heart Of This Lively Food Culture.

In This Blog, We’ll Learn About The Different Kinds Of Thai Rice, How To Cook Them, And The Different Meals They’re Used In. Come With Us On A Tasty Trip Through The Heart Of Thai Food.

How Rice Is Used In Thai Food?

Rice Is An Important Part Of Thai Food Because It Is The Base Of Most Dishes. Thai People Have A Strong Link To Rice, Which They See Not Only As A Food Source But Also As A Sign Of Wealth And Fertility.

It Is Often Tied To Ceremonies And Traditions, Like The Rice Crop Festival, Where Farmers Show Their Appreciation For A Good Crop.

Thai Food Has A Lot Of Different Recipes That Show How Versatile Rice Is. From Spicy Stews To Stir-Fries, Rice Is The Perfect Background For The Rich Flavors And Textures That Make Thai Food So Special.

Rice Is The Main Ingredient In Most Thai Dishes, Whether It’s Cooked, Fried, Or Wrapped In A Lotus Leaf.

Different Kinds Of Thai Rice

Jasmine Rice (Khao Hom Mali)

Jasmine Rice, Which Is Also Called Khao Hom Mali, Is Thailand’s Most Famous And Most Commonly Eaten Rice. It Is Known For Having A Light Scent And A Soft, Slightly Sticky Feel.

People Often Say That The Smell Of Jasmine Rice Is Like The Smell Of Pandan Leaves, Which Makes It A Great Addition To Any Thai Meal.

To Make The Best Jasmine Rice, Rinse It Well To Get Rid Of Any Extra Starch. Use 1 1/2 Times As Much Water As Rice, And Let It Steam Until It’s Soft.

Use A Fork To Gently Separate The Grains Of Cooked Rice And Make It More Light And Fluffy.

Sticky Rice (Khao Niao)

Khao Niao, Or Sticky Rice, Has A Special Place In Thai Food, Especially In The Northeastern Part Of The Country. This Type Of Glutinous Rice Is Known For Its Sweet Taste And Sticky, Chewy Texture.

It Is Usually Served With Fresh Veggies, Spicy Dips, And Grilled Meats.

Before Boiling It In A Bamboo Basket, Sticky Rice Needs To Be Soaked In Water For Several Hours Or Overnight. This Way, The Rice Can Soak Up Just The Right Amount Of Water And Get Its Unique Sticky Texture.

The Sticky Rice That Comes Out Is Great For Making Into Bite-Sized Balls Or Eating With Spicy Or Sweet Toppings.

Glutinous Rice (Khao Mao)

Khao Mao, Or Sticky Rice, Is Another Popular Type Of Rice Used In Thai Food. Even Though It Is Called “Gluten,” It Does Not Contain Gluten.

Instead, The Name Comes From How Sticky It Is. Glutinous Rice Is Often Used In Sweet And Savory Recipes, Like Mango Sticky Rice And Sticky Rice With Grilled Meats Or Fish.

Glutinous Rice Needs To Be Soaked For A Few Hours And Then Steamed Until It Is Fully Cooked. Glutinous Rice Is Great For Both Sweet And Spicy Thai Dishes Because Its Grains Are Sticky And Almost See-Through.

(Khao Dum) Black Rice

Black Rice, Also Called Khao Dum, Is A Healthy And Beautiful Type Of Rice. It Tastes A Little Bit Like Nuts And Is Chewy. Black Rice Is Better For You Than White Rice Because It Has More Antioxidants, Fiber, And Nutrients Than White Rice.

To Cook Black Rice, Rinse It Well And Then Use Twice As Much Water As Rice. Let It Cook Until It’s Soft, Which Usually Takes Longer Than With White Rice.

The Result Is A Bright Purple-Black Rice That Is Slightly Sticky And Can Be Used To Make Meals And Desserts That Look Good And Are Different.

How To Cook And What To Do?

To Cook Rice To Perfection, You Have To Pay Close Attention To The Details. Here Are Some Important Tips And Techniques That Will Help You Do Your Best:

How To Wash And Rinse Rice: Rinse The Rice Under Cold Water Until The Water Runs Clear. This Will Get Rid Of Any Extra Starch Or Dirt.

How Much Rice And Water Ratios: For Each Type Of Rice, Use The Right Amount Of Water To Rice. Sticky And Gummy Rice May Need A Little Less Water Than 1:1.5, While Jasmine Rice Usually Needs 1:1.5.

How To Cook Rice In A Rice Cooker: Cooking Rice In A Rice Cooker Is Easy And Never Fails. Follow The Instructions From The Maker And Change The Amount Of Water Depending On The Type Of Rice.

How To Cook Rice On The Stove: To Cook Rice On The Stove, Bring The Rice And Water To A Boil, Then Turn Down The Heat And Let It Simmer Until The Rice Is Soft And The Water Is Absorbed.

How To Fluff And Serve Cooked Rice: After The Rice Is Done Cooking, Slightly Separate The Grains With A Fork. Serve It With Your Favorite Thai Dishes Or Use It As A Base For Other Tasty Recipes.

Add-Ons And Pairings For Thai Rice

Thai Rice Is Often Eaten With A Range Of Dishes, Which Makes The Whole Meal More Enjoyable. Here Are Some Common Sides And Combinations:

Curry Dishes And Rice: Thai Stews Like Green Curry And Massaman Curry Are Great When Served On A Bed Of Fragrant Jasmine Rice. The Mild Tastes Of The Rice Go Well With The Creamy And Fragrant Curries.

Stir-Fries And Rice: Rice Is Often Served With Stir-Fried Foods Like Pad Thai And Basil Chicken. The Soft Meats, Crunchy Veggies, And Savory Sauces Make A Great Contrast To The Soft Rice.

Soups And Rice: Thai Soups Like Tom Yum And Tom Kha Gai Can Be Eaten With Rice To Make A Full And Filling Meal. The Strong, Spicy Tastes Of The Soups Go Well With The Bland Taste Of Rice.

Salads And Rice: Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad) And Larb (Minced Meat Salad) Are Two Thai Salads That Go Well With Rice. The Simple Rice Goes Well With The Bright And Refreshing Tastes Of The Salads.

Add-Ons And Sauces For Rice: Thai Food Has A Wide Range Of Seasonings And Sauces To Make Rice Taste Better. From Hot Chili Sauces To Tangy Fish Sauce, These Additions Make Rice Taste Better And Add A Burst Of Flavor.

Thai Rice Dishes From The Past

Thai Food Has A Lot Of Traditional Rice-Based Dishes That Show How Complicated And Artistic Thai Cooking Can Be. Here Are A Few Well-Known Ones:

  • Khao Pad (Fried Rice) Is A Famous Thai Dish Made With Stir-Fried Rice, Vegetables, Eggs, And Chicken, Shrimp, Or Tofu As The Protein. Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, And Fragrant Spices Are Used To Season It, Making It A Tasty And Filling Meal.
  • Khao Soi (Northern Thai Curry Noodles) Is A Tasty Food From Northern Thailand That Is Made With Egg Noodles And A Rich Coconut Curry Broth. Usually, The Food Is Served With Crispy Fried Noodles, Pickled Cabbage, And A Squeeze Of Lime For A Fresh Taste.
  • Khao Man Gai, Also Called “Thai Chicken Rice,” Is A Simple But Delicious Food Made With Poached Chicken And Fragrant Chicken-Flavored Rice. It Comes With A Ginger-And-Garlic Sauce That Tastes Good And A Clear Chicken Soup.
  • Khao Pad Sapparot, Also Called “Pineapple Fried Rice,” Is A Sweet And Savory Fried Rice Food Made With Jasmine Rice, Shrimp, Pineapple Chunks, Cashew Nuts, And A Mix Of Spices. It Is Often Served In A Pineapple With A Hole Cut Out Of It To Make It Look More Grand.
  • Khao Soi Is Also The Name Of A Totally Different Dish In The Southern Part Of Thailand. This Dish Is Called Southern Thai Coconut Curry. It Has Rice Noodles, Chicken Or Beef, And A Variety Of Herbs And Spices In A Thick Coconut Curry Soup. The Mix Of Flavors Makes A Bowl Of Good Food That Tastes Great And Fills You Up.

Thai Rice Dishes That Are Unique To Their Region

Thailand’s Different Regions Have Their Own Unique Rice Dishes That Show How Diverse The Country’s Food History Is. Here Are Just A Few:

  • Khao Yam Is A Rice Salad From Southern Thailand That Is Both Tasty And Refreshing. It Is Made With Fragrant Rice And A Mix Of Fresh Herbs, Veggies, And Shredded Green Mango. This Food Has A Lot Of Different Tastes And Textures Because It Is Tossed In A Tangy Sauce.
  • Khao Hor Bai Bua, Also Called “Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice,” Is A Dish From Central Thailand In Which Rice Is Cooked In Coconut Milk With A Variety Of Fragrant Herbs. After That, The Rice Is Wrapped In Lotus Leaves And Cooked, Which Gives It A Unique Smell.
  • Khao Kluk Kapi, Also Called “Shrimp Paste Rice,” Is A Tasty Rice Dish From The Eastern Part Of Thailand. It Has Shrimp Paste Stir-Fried Rice With Different Toppings Like Fried Shrimp, Omelet, Veggies, And Sliced Green Mango.
  • Khao Mok Gai, Or Thai Chicken Biryani, Is The Thai Version Of The Traditional Indian Biryani. It Has Chicken, Fragrant Spices, And A Mix Of Thai Flowers Cooked With Fragrant Rice. The Meal That Came Out Of It Is A Good Mix Of Thai And Indian Flavors.
  • Khao Na Pet, Also Known As “Duck Rice,” Is A Famous Thai Street Food Dish That Consists Of Tender Roasted Duck Served Over Fragrant Rice. Usually, Crispy Duck Skin, Cucumber, And A Tasty Soy-Based Sauce Are Used To Top The Meal.


Rice Really Is The Center Of Thai Food, As It Is Used To Make A Lot Of Tasty Meals. Each Type Of Rice Has Its Own Unique Qualities And Traits, From The Delicate And Fragrant Jasmine Rice To The Sticky And Chewy Sticky And Gummy Rice.

You Can Get The Most Out Of Thai Rice By Learning How To Cook It In Different Ways And Mixing It With A Wide Variety Of Other Ingredients.

So, Put On Your Apron, Learn About The Many Kinds Of Thai Rice, And Let Your Taste Buds Take You On A Wonderful Trip Through The Heart Of Thai Food.

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