Cher, 76, and Alexander Edwards, 37, made a stylish appearance at Drake's Super Bowl party.

They held hands as they walked by cameras and wore fashionable outfits.

Alexander wore a neon green and black jacket, black shirt, black nylon pants, and snake print boots, while Cher wore a black leather off-the-shoulder jacket, leggings, and heels.

The couple went public with their relationship three months prior to this outing.

Cher confirmed they were more than friends on Twitter and praised Alexander for treating her "like a queen."

The couple met at Paris Fashion Week in September.

A source said that Cher got a "great boost" from this unexpected new love and that she's not into men her age.

Another source revealed that Cher "doesn't care what people think of her relationship" and has always been unconventional.

Cher is loving the relationship for what it is and is having fun, and Alexander treats her like a goddess.