King Charles may refuse Prince Harry's Coronation demand, creating tension and drama in the royal family.

Plans are in place to prevent the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from stealing the spotlight at the Coronation, adding to the intrigue.

Royal correspondent reveals that King Charles III may not have time to reconcile with his son, fueling rumors of a rift.

Prince Harry expresses hope for reconciliation in a heartfelt interview with ITV, adding to the emotional tension.

Friend of the King claims that Charles loves Harry and wants him at the Coronation, making the situation even more complex.

Charles has a coronation to organize, putting him in a difficult position, and raising the stakes even higher.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's expected limited role in the Coronation proceedings intensifies the sense of drama.

Speculation and discussion surrounding the ongoing rift between Prince Harry and his family increases the sense of mystery.

The question of whether Prince Harry will attend the Coronation and reconcile with his family leaves the story with an unresolved cliffhanger.