The big surprise is that Kate Middleton may not wear a tiara, can you believe it?

You'd think that women in the royal family always wear bejeweled toppers, but there are exceptions, and Kate might be one of them.

But don't worry, King Charles and Queen Camilla are still bringing the bling with their historic crowns!

And get this, Queen Camilla is even reusing Queen Mary's Crown, talk about recycling.

Meanwhile, King Charles is going all out with the Imperial State Crown, which is sure to turn heads.

But wait, there's more surprising news! The coronation ceremony will be more modest than Queen Elizabeth's, who would've thought?

And, it will also be more inclusive with many religions represented, breaking tradition in a positive way.

Unfortunately, Lauren Kiehna's hopes for coronation tiaras might not come true, it's uncertain if they'll be worn at all.

Finally, the suspense is killing us - the decision on Kate's attire is still ongoing. Will she or won't she wear a tiara? We'll have to wait and see!