King Charles was slimming down the monarchy and relaxing dress codes - unheard of!

Princess Kate had a big decision to make about her headpiece for Charles' coronation ceremony.

The king and queen would wear ornate headpieces, but Kate may opt for a low-key one - what a twist!

In the olden days, every royal lady wore tiaras to the coronation, but times have changed in 70 years.

Fashion expert Miranda Holder warned Kate not to pull focus from the king with her outfit - the nerve!

Kensington Palace is no longer sharing details about Kate's wardrobe - what's going on?

The increased expectation for Kate to deliver glitz and glam may change the palace's fashion stance - outrageous!

Charles is embarrassed when he's in second place - we never would've guessed.

Sources say the decision is still being made - But the suspense is killing us!