Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey for King Charles III's coronation in a stunning blue Alexander McQueen gown.

The gown was embroidered with floral symbols of the United Kingdom, a blend of traditional and modern fashion.

Sarah Burton, the same designer who created Kate's wedding gown, designed the ensemble.

Kate walked alongside Prince William in formal robes, distinguishing their status as next in line to the throne.

Underneath her robe, Kate wore an ivory dress paired with a glimmering floral diadem.

Kate's gown incorporated rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs into its design, representing England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland respectively.

The embroidery featured silver bullion and thread work, adding to the gown's intricate beauty.

Kate's gown captured the attention of many, drawing admiration for its exquisite design and attention to detail.

Kate once again proved her fashion prowess and solidified her place as a style icon for generations to come.