Kate took over as Colonel of the regiment - yes, you read that right, the Colonel. And it's a role that her hubby William previously held. What a power move!

In her Catherine Walker coat and cap, Kate looked like a queen, and William couldn't stop praising her leadership.

Kate distributed shamrock sprigs to commanders, guardsmen, and the regimental mascot, an Irish wolfhound. How regal!

The parade ended with a flourish as Kate took the royal salute like a boss - we stan a confident queen.

Wait, there's more! The pair interacted with the Irish Guards Association, including former unit members, exhibiting their humility.

What's a St. Patrick's Day parade without a drink? William and Kate had a pint and a half-pint while on duty.

Kate and William's impressive commitment to duty, tradition, and the military is truly inspiring - we can't help but feel proud of our royals.

Hold on to your shamrocks, because Kate and William's dedication to their roles is truly astonishing.

Long may they reign - our hearts are full of admiration for our dynamic duo.