Kate Middleton has been caught on camera subtly moving closer to her subjects while posing for photos.

A video of her doing this with Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary is going viral on TikTok.

Some viewers are confused by her "Princess Shuffle," while others are defending it as a way to avoid awkward poses.

The video was taken during Kate's visit to Denmark in February 2022.

She was welcomed by Queen Margrethe at Christian IX's Palace, marking her first overseas trip since 2019.

Kate's behavior during the photo shoot is drawing a lot of attention and comments online.

Some people find it funny, while others see it as a smart way to avoid unflattering poses.

Kate Middleton is a popular member of the British royal family, and her actions are often closely watched by fans and critics alike.

She is scheduled to attend the coronation of King Charles next week, where she will reunite with Crown Princess Mary.