Princess Kate and Prince William chose to celebrate St. David's Day in Wales, and it turned out to be quite an extraordinary day for them.

The Welsh Guards, who are highly respected soldiers, were given a special ceremony in Windsor to honor their dedication and service.

As part of his new role as ceremonial Colonel, Prince William made his first official visit to the Welsh Guards, an important duty for him.

During the traditional march and ritual, the soldiers presented leeks as a customary gift, symbolizing their Welsh heritage.

The Prince of Wales himself, with a cheerful demeanor, saluted the passing soldiers to show his appreciation for their commitment.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Australian Regiment and their families, creating a memorable experience.

This celebration became a highlight of their week, focusing on the rich traditions and culture of Wales.

Just like on St. Patrick's Day, Kate had a similar responsibility, showing her dedication to these annual celebrations.

As newlyweds and first-time parents, both Kate and William hold a special place in their hearts for Wales, making this occasion even more meaningful for them.