The Real Housewives of Miami are going on a trip to the Bahamas.

Alexia's husband, Todd, will join them after work and may see his father, who is in prison on drug charges.

Marysol cannot attend the trip because she claims to have COVID.

Julia and Adriana visit a botanica shop to get peace crystals to protect themselves from Larsa.

The ladies are staying at the Baha Mar resort in presidential suites.

Room assignments include: Julia and Adriana, Larsa and Kiki, Nicole and Guerdy with Lisa, and Alexia has a room by herself.

The ladies have a drinking game where they take a drink every time Lenny is mentioned.

The ladies participate in water activities and go out to dinner in style.

The ladies receive healing crystals from Julia, but Alexia is creeped out by the idea and does not want them.