Due to her difficult divorce from Lenny Hochstein, Lisa Hochstein of The Real Housewives of Miami owes almost $85,000 to her divorce lawyers and an accounting firm.

Lisa's lawyers have filed papers with the court to find out who will have to pay the fees. A hearing will be held in April to make this decision.

The fees include $49,171.48 for legal fees, costs, and suit monies due to Leinoff & Lemos, P.A., and an additional $35,841.90 to accounting firm Kaufman Rossin & Co.

The total will continue to accrue interest until the debt is paid.

Lisa's rep explained that the itemization of fees is customary in divorce proceedings, and Lenny is not giving the support that is customary in this situation.

Lisa's legal team was retained in April 2022, weeks prior to Lenny's filing in late May.

The law firms requested that any settlements Lisa is given amid the divorce be used to pay the bill.

Lisa stated Lenny shut off her credit cards, leaving her unable to buy diapers or food for their two children.

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