Selena Gomez Spoke Candidly About How Her Lupus Medication Can Cause Water Retention And Weight Gain During A Recent Tiktok Live Stream.

She addressed body-shaming trolls who criticised her Golden Globes appearance and explained that her weight fluctuates due to holidays.

The show's creators wanted to highlight women in entertainment and explore generational differences.

Selena Has Been Open About Her Struggles With Lupus And The Side Effects Of Her Medication, Including Hand Tremors.

She's encouraged others to love their bodies, regardless of size or shape.

Selena Has Included Her Sister Gracie In Body Positivity Messages.

Selena says she doesn't care about body shaming.

Selena's Message Of Self-Acceptance And Self-Care Has Resonated With Many Of Her Fans And Followers.

Overall, Selena's Openness And Vulnerability Have Made Her A Relatable Figure To Many Who May Be Struggling With Similar Issues.