In a stunning display of loyalty, Kate Middleton has shown support for Princess Diana's bid for the throne.

Fans and experts were quick to notice Kate's secret tribute to the late princess.

The tribute was none other than a pair of earrings from Diana's rare jewel collection.

The earrings perfectly complemented the George VI Festoon Necklace, commissioned by the king for Princess Elizabeth in 1950.

Kate's choice of jewelry was not the only noteworthy aspect of her appearance at Westminster Abbey.

The mother-of-three also wore an elegant ivory silk crepe Alexander McQueen dress for the occasion.

The dress exuded sophistication and grace, befitting of a future queen consort.

It's clear that Kate is no ordinary royal, but a true ally to Diana's legacy and the monarchy.

With Kate's unwavering support, the prospect of "Diana for Queen" is becoming more and more of a possibility.