Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated St. David's Day, a big deal in Wales.

They showed their appreciation for the Welsh Guards in Windsor, where the St. David's Day Parade was taking place.

Prince William got to visit the Welsh Guards for the first time since becoming ceremonial Colonel.

During the parade, the royal couple gave the regiment's commanders and guardsmen...leeks? Yes, leeks are a traditional Welsh symbol.

The ceremony wrapped up with the Prince of Wales watching as the troops marched past and saluting them.

After the parade, William and Kate got to meet with the families of the Welsh Guards and personnel from the 5th Royal Australian Regiment.

This event is similar to the one Kate usually does for St. Patrick's Day.

This was just one part of a Wales-themed week for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

It makes sense that they have a special connection to Wales, as it's where they lived when they were newlyweds and new parents. How sweet!