Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be part of the procession, riding in a carriage with their parents.

It's not yet known what roles the young royals will play in the ceremony, but it's unprecedented for heirs to participate.

Queen Consort Camilla's grandchildren will hold a canopy over her during the anointing ceremony.

King Charles III's anointing oil uses olives from the Mount of Olives, where his grandmother is buried.

The oil is also the same one used at King Charles III's mother's coronation - talk about tradition!

The true surprise is that Prince Louis, who was too young to attend the Queen's formal burial, is participating in the coronation.

This marks a significant break from the norm, as young heirs have historically been excluded from such events.

It's clear that King Charles III is not afraid to shake things up and create a coronation that's uniquely his own.

We can't wait to see what other surprises he has in store!